Do you like to support your fellow soldiers? Don’t care about participating directly in the offensive? If so, the Medic is the ideal TF2 class for you. However, don’t get us wrong. Although the main task of this character is not attacking, this does not mean that he plays an unimportant role in the match. On the contrary, his tasks are among some of the most significant, and today we will tell you all about it.

So if you’re planning to start your new TF2 adventure as a Medic, be sure to read this article to learn the best fighting tips for this class.

Some Basic Information About the Team Fortress 2 Medic

The Medic is one of the most interesting Team Fortress 2 characters, but not for the reasons you think. After all, he is neither a crazed pyromaniac nor a shady-looking spy, but a medical enthusiast who (according to TF2 lore) hails from Stuttgart, Germany. He is interesting, however, because, as we mentioned, his task is not to take a direct involvement in combat. Instead, his role is to heal his allies. And basically just that.

Of course, it can be argued that a medic has both secondary and melee weapons in his inventory (such as the infamous Syringe Gun and Bonesaw). So why wouldn’t he be able to participate in combat? And while yes, he theoretically can, anyone who has spent even a few hours in Team Fortress knows that a good Medic should focus on only two things: survival and healing wounded teammates. Why this is so you will find out in a moment.

Medic Stats in Team Fortress 2

Medic should not engage in combat mainly due to the fact that although his strongest asset is healing others, he himself has a rather mediocre HP score, namely 150. This means that it is very easy to get rid of him from the battlefield, and admittedly, a dead Medic is of no use to anyone.

That’s why it’s often a good idea to constantly be on the move, just like in the case of the Scout, for example. Interestingly, the Medic may not be able to move exactly as fast as this class, but he is nevertheless nimbler than most characters. In fact, his speed is 107%. On top of that, if he is healing a class capable of running quicker than him, he will be able to match their paste.

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What Is the Medic’s ƜberCharge?

ƜberCharge is a unique skill available only to the Medic. Its level is indicated by a special HUD that charges in the lower right corner of the screen whenever the character is healing any of his allies. As soon as the meter reaches 100%, he is able to use one of the ƜberCharge effects that vary according to the healing tool.

In most cases, ƜberCharge will allow him to unleash special beams on his companions, providing both them and (sometimes) himself with immunity to all attacks for a specified period of time. Also, this effect continues only if the Medic aims his weapon at one of his allies. Of course, there is always the option to transfer the ray to another player, however, this will significantly shorten the duration of the ƜberCharge.

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Best Tips for Playing Medic in Team Fortress 2

Now that you know the basics about Medic, it’s time to move on to more practical things, namely tips and weapons overview.

These few pointers are perfect for both players who are just beginning their adventure with this TF2 class, as well as for those who have already played a few hours and want to get even better at healing their teammates. Also, remember that if you decide to start playing the Medic, you camp build your dream inventory on SkinsMonkey, by trading TF2 items.

  1. Don’t Engage If You Don’t Have To

We would like to emphasize again that the main goal of the Medic (besides healing teammates) is to actually stay alive. After all, if he keeps getting eliminated, he will have to come back to spawn over and over again, and he will be of virtually no use to anyone. Unfortunately, his low HP doesn’t allow him to show off his combat skills, and while this may be hard for some to accept, he’s much better off just looking for allies to heal.

  1. Seize All Aid Kits

It is common Team Fortress 2 knowledge that the Medic has priority over all other classes when it comes to first aid kits. Therefore, you can not only ask, but also demand that everyone else leave them for you. After all, it’s crucial to survive and heal teammembers.

  1. Prioritize Strong Classes
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Yes, the Medic’s job is to heal everyone, BUT he should also prioritize certain classes over others, simply for strategic reasons. So if you’re wondering which character to help first, always choose Pyro, Demoman, Fatman or Soldier. This is because these are often the classes that can make or break a game, and if they come back to spawn, the whole team will take a big hit. Therefore, it is best to do everything in your power to keep them alive.

  1. Stick to the Medi Gun.

Although we will talk about weapons in more detail in a moment, it is important that from the beginning you stick to the principle that the Medi Gun is your best friend. Of course, this doesn’t mean that other tools don’t exist, but by playing this TF2 class, you will quickly find out that the most useful one is in fact, the default secondary weapon. With it, you will be able to effectively heal your allies and boost their health, that is, you will fulfill your main task.

Best Weapons for TF2 Medic

Last but not least, let’s talk a little about our favorite Medic weapons. After all, although his main job is to heal teammates, it can be done through various tools. Therefore, it’s good to know your way around his inventory.

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Primary Weapon

The Medic’s default primary weapon is the Syringe Gun and honestly, we recommend getting rid of it pretty much as soon as the game starts. It is by far the most inefficient choice, at least if we compare it with all the other options available for this slot.

If we had to pick our favorite, it would definitely be the Crusader Crossbow. While it may not look like an obvious choice for someone who practices medicine, it’s actually a great option, whether you’re a novice Medic or an experienced player. The bow can heal team members as well as deal damage. What’s more, it provides the highest penetration level of all primary weapons, and reloads automatically, making it great for swift responses to enemy fire.

Secondary Weapon

The Medi Gun may not be the most sophisticated secondary weapon in Team Fortress 2, but it serves its purpose. In fact, we think it would be completely unnecessary to swap it for any other item available for this inventory slot, as the money can be spent much better. It simply makes much more sense to invest in a superior primary or melee weapon, as the Medi Gun provides reasonable healing power and a sufficient ƜberCharge that lasts 8 seconds. Stick with it at all times, and your teammates are sure to be pleased with your work.

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Melee Weapon

First of all, let’s emphasize one more that we do not recommend engaging in any kind of hand-to-hand combat with the Medic. This character simply wasn’t made for that, and there’s a good chance that if you try to fight anyone that way, you’ll just die. BUT, if you had to, it would be best to equip something other than the default Bonesaw. And while there isn’t much to choose from for this weapon slot, in our opinion the best option is the Ubersaw. It may not give you the ability to deal massive damage, but it will add 25% to your ƜberCharge on every hit, which can come in handy during matches.


As you can see, the TF2 Medic is actually a very complex character, with all sorts of skills and weapons. While it may seem easy to some to be tasked with healing your teammates, it’s actually quite a difficult job that requires both good strategy and thinking ahead. Remember that you won’t be of any use to anyone if you keep dying, so read our article and learn the basics of playing this character. Then, prepare your dream Medic inventory by trading TF2 items on SkinsMonkey.