Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a highly competitive online game, where professionals compete regularly to earn incredibly large sums of money. Competitive Counter-Strike is at the top of the esports industry, and the star players all make large amounts of money, in addition to all their fame.

If you’ve got an expensive skin, CS:GO (CS2) trading sites are a great way to make money. But eSports betting can be an even quicker way to make money on CS:GO. eSports betting can also be a very serious business, with many people putting significant wealth on the line with their bets. Because of all these factors, the title of the best CSGO player on the pro scene can mean quite a lot. Here are all the best CSGO players so far in 2023.


The popular French pro gamer Mathieu Herbaut, better known as ZyWoo, is the current contender for the title of the best CSGO player in the game. Most game analysts agree since ZyWoo is actually two times in a row winner of the HLTV Player of the Year award. A key player of the team Vitality roster, ZyWoo has been the MVP in practically all of the matches he took part in. Mathieu ZyWoo Herbaut also has a personal player rating of 1.28, making it actually the biggest in the world at the moment, easily placing him at the top of all the CSGO players.


Ukraine has produced a large number of many pro players in various different games, but when it comes to CS:GO, few of them can measure up to Oleksandr Kostyliev, known in the gaming community as S1mple. Oleksandr S1mple Kostyliev has been well-known for years now, scoring his first major wins on the pro-scene in 2017, and continuing the good streak well into 2023. One of the best CS GO players of the last 5 years, S1mple has scored the HLTV player award in 2018, the best year of his career, where he secured several wins in key moments of the match. Although he has been a dominant force on the pro scene for years now, he has yet to score a major title in a tournament.

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Dmitry ‘Sh1ro’ Sokolov may not be an established name like the two pros mentioned previously, however, he is one of the greatest players of the new generation, and is easily heading to be one of the best players in the world. Holder of MVP awards as well as other honorable mentions, he was the key player during the IEM Katowice leading his team Gambit eSports to victory in the tournament. With many significant wins behind his belt, Sh1ro is most likely going to be a focal point of many tournaments in the nearest future, where he’ll have a chance to really show that he’s the best player in the world.


Perhaps the most renowned eSports veteran on this list, Finn Andersen, better known as Karrigan, has one of the longest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive careers in the community, starting his journey all the way back in 2005. Over the years he has accumulated one of the biggest overall prize money pools in the history of gaming and competed under the banner of many different teams, with Faze clan being the latest team of his choice. A runner for some of the HLTV rankings with a lengthy history, Karrigan has been on the scene since its early days, and had his part in some really big wins for the many teams he played with. IEM Cologne, PGL Major Antwerp, and ESL Pro League S15 are just some of the major title wins in Karrigan’s career. Although Karrigan is now one of the oldest pro players on the scene, age-wise, he’s still one of the top players, and is on the course to score some more big wins in the future.


Closing off this list is an absolute beast of a player from the well-known Natus Vincere team. Valerii Vakhovskyi made a huge impact on the scene where he scored a major final win for one of the top teams under his alias, b1t. At just 19 years old, he is one of the youngest players on the scene, but one with possibly the brightest future ahead of him. B1t had a number of very impressive wins for a career as short as his, with a blast premier win, as well as a finish in the world final, b1t is looking to become one of the best CSGO players in the history of this game.

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To Sum Up

Here’s a lost of the best players so far in 2023. While this list will most likely change together with the pro scene, you can expect that many of the names here will still be the top players next year. Also, be sure to check out, where you can buy, trade and sell CS:GO (CS2) skins, and even participate in free CS:GO (CS2) skins giveaway. Our blog also contains more CS:GO knowledge, so if you want to learn more about CS:GO pro players, visit it for more CS:GO knowledge.