Frequently Asked Questions

Are CSGO Skins Completely Free?

Any CSGO skins that you win in a Giveaway will be free and yours to take instantly after you claim them. Otherwise, you would have to pay for the skins you want to buy with your own money. But the rewards from our regular Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Giveaways will always be free.

How Do You Get Free Skins on CS:GO 2022?

You can get completely free skins or free money to buy your own skins by participating in CSGO Giveaways or completing small tasks on the website. You can obtain multiple entries for each Giveaway by completing tasks such as joining the SkinsMonkey Steam group, verifying your email address, and similar.

The small tasks are also effortless, as most of them include watching videos, playing games, and similar tasks that will let you earn free CSGO skins.

Should I Take Part in Giveaways?

Everyone should take part in the SkinsMonkey Giveaways and redeem free rewards because there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn a free skin in Counter-Strike Global Offensive without wasting a lot of time or money.

What Are The Odds of Getting Free Valuable Skins CS:GO in a Giveaway?

The odds of getting free CS:GO skins in a Giveaway depend on how many participants are currently joined. Considering that these are free giveaways, anyone can join.

You will be able to earn more entries in a Giveaway by completing as many small tasks as you can. The more tickets you earn the better your odds of winning the Giveaway will be. In addition, the more users join, the smaller the odds to win cool skins for free will become. All SkinsMonkey Giveaways can only have one winner.

Is It Time-consuming To Take Part in Free Skin Giveaways?

Not at all. SkinsMonkey Giveaways are actually the easiest way to get free CS:GO skins without wasting hours and hours of your precious time. However, you can choose to take part in Weekly or even Monthly Giveaways if you have the extra time, as these Giveaways boast much more valuable rewards.

Is It Fun To Conduct Specific Tasks to Win Free CS:GO Knife or Gun?

Most of the tasks are actually pretty fun and engaging. For example, you can watch videos that are entertaining and sometimes even educational. The easiest of tasks include leaving a simple follow on SkinsMonkey’s social media accounts such as our Twitter page.

You can also play games to earn free skins. This is perhaps the most entertaining way to get free credits and grab any CS:GO skins you want afterward. The more tasks you complete the higher your account balance can get.

Daily vs. Monthly Giveaway: What Is the Difference?

The main difference between the Daily Giveaways and the Monthly ones are the rewards and the time it takes to obtain them. Daily Giveaways happen every day. They are simpler and take less time. However, they also hold much less valuable rewards compared to Monthly Giveaways.

On the other hand, Monthly Giveaways offer participants a one-month timeline to gather as many tickets as they can. Also, the rewards inside are much more expensive and worthwhile, offering CSGO skins up to $250 in value.

Monthly vs Weekly Giveaway: Which One to Choose?

You can choose Monthly Giveaways if you have extra time to spend and you aren’t desperate to win free gift cards or free CSGO skins today.

The Weekly Giveaways also won’t grant you the prize within the same day but they at least only take a week and still boast some wonderful prizes. The skins you win in Weekly Giveaways on SkinsMonkey can be worth as much as $100 in value.

How to Win Free Skins by Watching Streams?

The answer is simple! All you have to do is just watch entertaining videos on Youtube or Twitch. Follow popular influencers and enjoy their streams. You don’t need to do anything more! It is a perfect option to spend your free time with pleasure and automatically take part in CSGO skin giveaways. The longer you watch, the higher the chances to win a prize.

Additionally, each of the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Giveaways has a minimum watch time that you have to meet in order to take part in the Giveaway.

Final Verdict: Is Onion Worth Peeling?

Most definitely, yes! Free SkinsMonkey Giveaways are an easy and entertaining way to earn amazing CS GO skins and other prizes as well. You aren’t required to spend money, you don’t need to spend a ton of time, and the rewards are always worth it.

The best thing you can do to prevent missing out on huge Giveaways and similar opportunities is to stay connected with SkinsMonkey on all social media networks. This is where you will first find out about upcoming Giveaways and rewards.

Still have questions? Check our recent guide on how to win CSGO giveaway and surely get costly skins for your collection!

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Asiimov Battle-Scarred

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