Glock-18 | Royal Legion Pistol Skins

Glock-18 | Royal Legion (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 4.07
Field-Tested $ 2.79
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Type Pistol
Weapon Glock-18
Skin Royal Legion
Rarity Restricted
Colors Orange, Red

Glock-18 | Royal Legion: An Exquisite Skin for Elite Players

The Glock-18 skins is renowned as a reliable and practical sidearm of choice within the Counter Strike world. It is not only ideal for first-round matches but shines specifically when used against unarmored opponents. Additionally, the Glock-18 has a significant advantage - the ability to fire in three-round bursts, delivering quick and efficient eliminations.

Engraved with Precision and Artistry

The Glock-18 | Royal Legion is a true masterpiece in design, featuring intricate engravings that showcase the craftsmanship and passion of its creators. Each detail has been meticulously etched, reflecting an unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Unique Backstory and Connection to Valeria

This exquisite skin has an additional layer of depth, with a fascinating narrative surrounding its legacy. Its design is said to be a tribute to Naomi, who acknowledges the inevitable reality that one day she will make the ultimate sacrifice for Valeria.

Stand Out on the Battlefield with the Glock-18 | Royal Legion

There’s no doubt that the Glock-18 | Royal Legion skin will elevate your game, making you stand out from the competition. Its blend of functionality, artistry, and engaging lore makes it a must-have for any avid Counter Strike enthusiast. Elevate your gameplay and make a statement on the battlefield with this exceptional and awe-inspiring skin that speaks to the heart of the game’s rich universe.

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