Glock-18 | Death Rattle Pistol Skins

Glock-18 | Death Rattle (Minimal Wear)
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Type Pistol
Weapon Glock-18
Skin Death Rattle
Rarity Industrial
Colors Orange

Glock-18 | Death Rattle: A Must-Have Skin for Your Collection

If you’re a fan of Counter-Strike, you know that the right skin can make all the difference in your gaming experience. And if you’re looking for a skin that’s both deadly and stylish, the Glock-18 | Death Rattle is the perfect choice for you.

Deadly Efficiency: The Glock-18

As a dependable choice during the first round, the Glock-18 excels against unarmored adversaries. Its three-round burst firing capacity ensures you’ll make quick work of your opponents, giving your team the advantage right from the start.

Unleash the Serpent: Snakeskin Hydrographic

The Glock-18 | Death Rattle boasts an eye-catching snakeskin pattern, achieved through a high-quality hydrographic technique. This skin will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, making them think twice before taking you on.

Become the Ultimate Threat: Valeria’s Warning

This skin’s lore only adds to its intrigue, with a cryptic message hinting at a larger story: “I know you don’t believe in the cause…and when I expose you, Valeria will have your head - The Shield and The Serpent Part 1.” It’s a warning from an unseen force, a reminder that betraying the cause will only result in dire consequences.

Upgrade Your Arsenal with the Glock-18 | Death Rattle

Don’t miss your chance to add this striking, fearsome skin to your collection. Equip your weapon with the Glock-18 skins | Death Rattle and intimidate your opponents with the lethal power of the serpent!

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