Trading CS2 skins is a very serious matter, and some of the most expensive CS2 skins can be easily worth thousands of dollars. Because of this, many gamers pay close attention to all the possible changes in the trading process, since they often have invested large sum of money into their items, especially when we talk about some of the most expensive CS2 inventories.

As it happens, Valve has released a new update to the Steam platform, which introduced some changes to Steam trade lock. So what happened with the new Steam trading update? And will you be able to trade CS2 skins?

What Is The New Steam Trade Lock Update?

Last month, Valve released a new update to Counter Strike 2, which introduced a small change to the trading system. Previously, any new items you received, either via trading CS2 skins or purchasing them from other players or third-party markets, were locked in your inventory for seven days. This meant that you weren’t able to trade them, list them on the Steam community market, and other players and trading bots couldn’t see them in your inventory. This was introduced as a security measure for trading, and potentially could help resolve a number of problematic situations. For example, if your got scammed from your expensive CS2 knife, the scammer wouldn’t be able to immediately liquidate your items, and you could try retrieving them with the help of Steam support.

With the new Steam lock update the items will now remain blocked for ten days, instead of seven. This means that when the items get traded and added to your Steam inventory, they won’t be visible to other traders and bots for the next ten days, and you won’t be able to trade them on the Steam market, as well as with other users. This change will affect Steam items from all games that can use the Steam community market to make trades.

Can You Still Trade CS2 Skins At SkinsMonkey?

If you’re worried about trading features on our website, you don’t have to fret – you can still trade CS2 skins with SkinsMonkey for the best deals possible! At the moment the only significant change the CS2 developer team has introduced to the process is that you will have to wait slightly longer, if you want to trade CS2 skins from your inventory.

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While extending the trade lock on all CS2 skins you purchased is a significant change to how often gamers can conduct transactions, this should have no change on whether you can trade CS2 skins, or how long they will take to arrive in your inventory.

In Conclusion

The good news is that the update released by CS2 developers will still let you continue trading skins on third-party websites, including SkinsMonkey! So, if you want to trade your CS2 skins for the best deals available, check out the rest of our website and start trading today!