Both factions can use the MP7 submachine gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It takes the place of the K&M Sub-Machine Gun from earlier Counter-Strike games, performing similarly and serving the same purpose. Players regularly trade CSGO skins for both weapons as well. 

Exclusive to the CT, the MP9 is a submachine gun. With comparable stats and the same function as its predecessor, it is the Schmidt Machine Pistol’s replacement in the earlier Counter-Strike games. 

There is a massive debate about two of the best submachine guns, the MP7 vs MP9, and which one is worth buying over the other.

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Bullets: MP7 vs MP9

Taking into account the MP7 vs MP9 CS GO, both have a 30-ammo magazine, which is a pretty standard amount of ammo per mag for most guns. 

Spray Control: MP7 vs MP9

In contrast to other SMGs, the MP7 has a unique CSGO spray pattern. Whereas the MP9 travels left-higher, the MP7 initially goes right and higher before abruptly going left (it may resemble the UMP-45, but it still differentiates).

It’s difficult to adjust to MP7’s recoil because people are used to the MAC-10, MP9, and UMP-45s. Not merely hard but pretty useless to try in-game.

price csgo mp7 vs mp9

Price: MP7 vs MP9

Most players have difficulties deciding between two MP7 vs MP9. With a price tag of $1500, the MP7 is not a joke. It is a significant amount of money. The standard excuse is as follows: “Oh, flashbang/HE/smoke Plus UMP-45/MP9/MAC-10. Get a nade instead.” But the meta has changed to one where firepower is crucial.

And MP7 might provide you with this extra firepower. However, it doesn’t change the reality that it is a lot of money to pay. On the other hand, the MP9 costs less money at $1250, and $250 can make a big difference between life and death.

This higher price will persuade players to pay $1250 for the MP9 instead of the MP7.

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Fire Rate: MP7 vs MP9

The fire rate of the MP7 is pretty average with 750 RPM, but the reload time is almost the slowest in the game, with 3.1 seconds. While the MP9 has a higher fire rate of 857 RPM, the reload time is one second faster. It means that the MP9 is better than the MP7 in terms of killing enemies.

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Damage: MP7 vs MP9

Among all SMGs, the MP7 has the second-highest damage output (29 per bullet) against a helmet. If we take one headshot plus two body shots, it may do 100 damage with three bullets. In contrast, one headshot plus three body shots are necessary for MP9. So, both guns can kill the enemy quickly, even with body armor.

Accuracy and Armor Penetration

About SMGs, the CS GO mp9 vs mp7 almost have the same percentage. The MP7 has the second-highest armor penetration (62.5 percent), the best accuracy range, and the best recoil management.

We need to address how the MP7 fires. Thanks to its low recoil, you can fire a burst of 5-7 shots without significantly harming accuracy. Also, if you shoot by 1-2 rounds, it’s the best SMG for great distances. You can’t possibly set your aim with an MP9 on long-range.

The MP9 has an armor penetration percentage of 60%, which does not make a massive difference if you look at the stats, but it will in the long run.

armor penetration mp7 vs mp9

Advantages of the MP7

The advantage of the MP7 is that it performs “better than average” in several areas and will make the effectiveness of this gun. It may not seem like a huge deal, but those minor advantages become more significant.

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Advantages of the MP9

High precision is this submachine gun’s key advantage. It is appropriate to utilize in unconventional circumstances. For instance, an effort to fire a brief burst while you jump will most probably be successful and cause the adversary severe damage to the enemy.

With the MP9, it is also possible to shoot while running, which is common while playing with other submachine guns. It makes the MP9 worth buying.

Is the MP7 Better Than the MP9 Now?

It is a question that relies on the player’s preference, the MP7 vs MP9 CSGO. You need to decide what type of person you want to be and choose your gun. While the MP7 is a better gun statistically, the MP9 is more efficient and cheap. 

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On the other hand, MP7 is an interesting instance. It produces almost the same amount of damage as MP. But considering the higher price ($1500 vs $1250), it doesn’t seem like a good investment.

Most people favor the MP7 over the MP9. Even though the spray pattern is initially diagonal, it feels more solid and manageable, especially with extended blasts.

To Sum Up

Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision. Also, if you want to have a chance at scoring free CSGO skins for MP7 or MP9, be sure to check out the rest of our website for best skins and CSGO knowledge!