Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a great game with a high level of competition. Moreover, it has been sitting in this seat of success for years. Most competitive gamers have experienced CSGO at least once. But the game process is not always so enjoyable. Because sometimes, there are things that go wrong in the matches; for example, you may be playing badly, your teammates may be toxic, and you maybe thinking of leaving the match quickly. This is where you suddenly find yourself doing research on how to kick yourself in CSGO.

vote kicking csgo

Your hand may be going directly to the ALT+F4 key. But we definitely do not recommend it. Your CSGO Trust Factor will be negatively affected if you leave the game. When you lose your reputation, you may encounter worse teammates in your matches. Or cheaters may come across the team against you, so we have prepared a solution for you not to affect the Trust Factor score.

We will tell you how to kick yourself in CSGO in simple steps. In this way, you will learn what advantages it gives you. Let’s take a look at the details of our guide without wasting time.

How to Kick Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

Starting any vote in CSGO, as you know, is not an easy and difficult situation. However, the situation is not so easy when it comes to yourself. The only way to do this is to use the “callvote kick” console command. After using this command, a kick vote is started, in which you automatically vote for yourself. After that, the voting is entirely at the mercy of other players, and they will decide whether or not you will be kicked out.

kicking yourself in csgo

Now we’re going to teach you how to start a poll yourself in 5 easy steps. But before starting this, your developer console must be open. If your console is already open from the settings, you can activate it by pressing the ‘~‘ button. If it is turned off in the settings, let’s get started and follow the steps;

  1. First of all, Play CSGO and enter “settings” on the main page. In the menu that opens, you will see the “Game Settings” section at the top, this is the point we will use.
  2. As you can see in the picture below, the “Enable Developper Console (~)” option should be marked as yes. Then restart Counter Strike and you will see the console open when you enter. If not, press the key under ESC.
  3. While in the game, the first thing you need to do is to find the number assigned to your account. For this, you need to type “status” after opening the console. You can see more details in the picture. Here the digit we need in our calculation is “2 and 1”.
  4. Now it’s time to start a vote kick for yourself from the game. You need to go back to the console again. Then, after typing “your own numbers from callvote kick and status” press enter. That’s it.
  5. If you are lucky and other players really wants to get rid of you, the vote will be successful and you will be kicked out. Moreover, you can start the search for a new match without any penalty.
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Why Kicking Yourself Is So Important?

Now that you’ve learned how to vote and kick yourself in CS:GO, you can make more strategic moves. Because if you do not use this method advantageously, it can be harmful for you. In short, try to use these commands at critical moments when you play. Maybe some other players using cheats on the opposing team, or there may be people in your team who flame you. And as you can see, the vote kick system is very useful so that your future image is not damaged.

In CS GO, you will usually see the benefits of kicking yourself in your future matches in the long run. Because, as you know, Valve Corporation has a secret Trust Factor score developed for a fairer matchmaking system. You definitely don’t want to risk that. Otherwise, you will be removed from Trusted Mode, and you will constantly encounter toxic players, which will greatly reduce your enjoyment of the game.

It has always been difficult to protect from such players and cheaters. However, it is a known fact that players with Prime status are less likely to encounter such situations. If you want to get information about how Prime works in CS:GO, you can read our blog post.

Final Words

We have come to the end of another CSGO guide. We hope that this little tactic about the vote kick will help you, and you can continue to play the game more consciously and fun. No matter how toxic or abusive players you come across, don’t give up quickly because there is a reason why Valve does not actively bring this system to the game.

The method can be abused in some cases, and this may damage the image of your account in some way. So remember, we don’t recommend using this method all the time. Instead, take care to continue the game without giving up and enjoy it as much as possible.