Steam is the number 1 games service, with the largest online video game store in the world. The Steam store contains titles of hundreds of thousands of different companies from all over the world. In some cases, players might even hold games that are no longer available in the store, making their account and extremely valuable collectible.

Besides the games themselves, however, are many different games that offer items to players, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of them. Players can collect weapon skins for their guns, with some of them worth insane prices. The CSGO economy is huge, and many players hold items that either separately or together could be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars when you trade CS:GO (CS2) skins.

How to calculate how much they are worth, though? If you want to check, how much your entire Steam account is worth, there are some trusted and tried methods to help you with it. Here’s a quick guide how to check your Steam account value.

What Contributes To A Steam Account Value?

Your steam account value is generally made up of two main kinds of items:

  • Games
  • In-game items

Various games you might be holding in Steam inventory also contribute to this price, as well as the amount of Steam wallet funds you might be holding at the time. The total price of yout Steam account is a combined number, based on the values on Steam community market. Besides these, there are also some additional factors, which can determine the worth of your Steam account. These include:

Rare CSGO Skins

CSGO items are among some of the most valuable in-game items that you can trade on the Steam community market. A collection of rare CSGO skins can significantly bump up the price of your Steam account. Some of them are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, such as the rare AWP Dragon Lore, which by itself is worth a small fortune. There are many cosmetic items for CSGO and you can often sell CS:GO (CS2) skins for a significant amount of money, and players that have some rare skins in their inventory can score extra money for their account.

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Rare Or Removed Games

If you were lucky to score a game for your Steam library before it was pulled from the store, you might be in luck. Accounts that hold games that are no longer obtainable through the Steam store are worth a lot of money to the collectors, as in some cases this is the only way o obtain the Steam version of these games. If your account has an access to a game like that, this alone greatly improves its price.

Valuable In-game Accounts

If you bought any online game on the Steam platform, your account will most likely include some additional accounts for other games or platforms bundled with it. These accounts can further increase the overall price of your Steam account, especially if you hold some promotional items, or something you purchased in the in-game store.

How To Calculate Your Steam Account Value?

One method of doing this is to simply calculate this amount by yourself. You could try and go through your entire purchase history, but that would still leave you without the money you’d potentially get from items. Because of this, calculating your Steam account worth by yourself is not really the most optimal way of going about it. That’s why the best way to do this is to use a Steam price checker.

Steam price checker is simply a website, which will go through your inventory and library, adding up the total worth of all your items and providing you with a price that you can potentially get for your account. In order to do this, a Steam price checker must simply have access to your Steam ID and your inventory must also be public.

To Sum Up

Steam accounts can be worth quite a lot of money, depending on their contents. If you feel like yours might be worth a nice sum, try running a Steam price checker and see for yourself. Also, if you need to quickly increase the price of your CS:GO account, remember that at Skinsmonkey you can always get free CS:GO (CS2) skins by participating in regular giveaways!