Valve Corp has completely recreated CS:GO from scratch. According to Max, also known as Gabe Follower, they did not use a single line of code from the original game. CSGO Source 2 is technically a new game. However, don’t get alarmed. It’s still going to be the same old game. Although, CSGO Source 2 will be better. You’re about to find out how.

Is Source 2 a New Engine?

Source 2 is not a new engine. It’s been around for several years. In fact, other Valve games, such as “Half-Life 2” and “Left 4 Dead” are the titles available on this engine. There have been rumors of the Source 2 engine used in CS: GO for years. However, none of those rumors turned out to be true.

However, this time it seems to be really happening. There have been many leaks pointing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will function on Source 2 very soon.

csgo source 2

Keep in mind that CS:GO is a popular game. There are over half a billion active players each month. Making sure that Source 2 doesn’t actually ruin the game is crucial. As a result, it’s important to monitor the progress of the Source 2 changes and check how they will affect the gameplay when it actually happens.

What Does Source 2 Mean for CSGO?

The ultimate goal of the Source 2 engine in CS:GO is to make the gameplay more exciting and realistic. However, this also means that it will make the developers’ jobs much easier than they used to be before. Why? Because this will enable them to add new gameplay mechanics with ease. All systems can be updated without complex procedures because of old code.

In addition, by bringing CSGO to Source 2, Gabe Follower will turn their game into an open-sourcing project. TIt means that anyone can get access to the game’s code. You can basically create your own version of the game with unique changes.

csgo case gameplay

Does CSGO Use Source 2?

Not at this particular moment. However, it has been leaked that a Source 2 version of CSGO has already available. Thanks to Sandbox, or as Gabe Follower called it, “the spiritual successor of Garry’s Mod“, CSGO will be easier to maintain, update, and receive new features.

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The goal is to prevent CSGO from crashing or being unplayable during long updates or bug fixes. Source 2 will enable the introduction of new mechanics as easily as ever before. It will take less time, it will be simpler, and the game will be much more stable.

csgo source two version


Is CSGO Source 2 Ready To Play?

Almost! CS GO Source 2 might be ready to play sooner than we think. The CSGO Source 2 release date is still to be determined. Some game makers have displayed footage of the CSGO gameplay reveal with the Source 2 engine. The gameplay footage appeared authentic. So, we might assume that the game is almost complete.

Even though it hasn’t been officially announced when the new version of CSGO will launch, we’re expecting a big update any day. Eventually, this community-driven project will finally arrive, hopefully bringing a new and exciting era to CS GO.

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Final Verdict

Many things are still unclear about the shooter operating at Source 2. Despite all the gameplay leaks and claims, we’re still uncertain about the time and date of its official launch. However, it’s up to us to remain hopeful and patient.