The Big Grin Rust skin is a cosmetic for the Metal Facemask item in Rust. Compared to the standard Metal Facemask, Big Grin makes you look much cooler, scarier, and definitely more unique.

You may know by now that the Big Grin Rust skin is one of the most expensive skins in the game. It’s also among the most popular.

rust big grin in game
Rust Big Grin ingame screen

Having this item in your Steam inventory can spike up your status in the online Rust gaming community by a lot.

As a result, let’s do a review of the Big Grin skin for the Metal Facemask item in Rust and discover what’s all the fuss about it.

How Much Is the Big Grin Skin on Steam?

Currently, you will see Steam purchase requests for the Big Grin popping up at around $660. It may not always be available for purchase, but this is the current price tag that the skin holds.

You also may find other sites selling the Big Grin Rust skin at slightly lower, or even higher. There have been listings going as low as $580 and as high as $770. That may be a lot of money, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping many people from fighting for the skin.

Why Is Big Grin So Expensive?

There are two main reasons why Big Grin is such an expensive Rust skin.

The first reason why it’s one of the most expensive skins is that it is a rare sight to behold. There aren’t that many Big Grin skins in circulation. For that reason, the ones that do exist don’t sell cheaply.

The second reason why Big Grin is among the most expensive Rust skins is that it was one of the first skins that were released in the game. Popular YouTubers and streamers were showing it off and it quickly rose to fame.

Because of these two reasons, Big Grin is, and always has been, quite expensive on the skin market.

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Hopefully, this cleared up a few questions you may have had about this item. It’s one of the coolest skins in the game and many players are eager to buy and craft the item.

With luck, maybe you will be the next owner to be able to apply this skin and start showing it off in-game.

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