Leveling up can be a great way to score some free CS2 skins. Because of this, many players are looking for any method to cut corners on the leveling process and level up as fast as possible.

If you trade CS2 skins and want to get as many free drops as possible, you need to know the fastest way to level up in CS2. Here’s all you need to know on how to maximize your XP gain in CS2 and level up faster!

Why Do You Need To Level Up In CS2?

So why should you even care about your account XP level in Counter Strike 2? For starters, you need to have a certain account level before you can access competitive matches and many other features on CS2.

The most important part of the game your XP level has an impact on, is probably the free CS2 skins you get in your weekly care package.

When you manage to score a new XP level during the week, you’ll be rewarded with a weekly care package, containing a random assortment of items, including free CS2 skins.

You can score some rare and expensive CS2 skins or weapon cases, but even if you only get cheap weapon finishes, you can always trade CS2 skins and turn your freebies into better items.

The faster you earn XP, the quicker you’ll have your free CS2 skins.

How To Level Up in CS2?

To learn how to level up fast in CS2, you must first understand how the XP system works in the game. Generally, you receive XP for every match you finish, regardless if you won or not.

The XP gain is calculated based on your individual performance, and in order to receive the points at the end of the matches it is crucial to stay in the match until the very end. If you leave early or get kicked, you will not gain any XP from the match.

Your XP gain in each match depends on the game mode you’ve been playing. Each different game mode has its own XP multiplier. Here are all the multipliers for all CS2 game modes:

  • Casual: 4x multiplier, based on your points in the match
  • Competitive: 30x multiplier, calculated based on the number of rounds won by your side
  • Wingman: same as competitive, except the multipliers is 15x
  • Arms Race: your points in the match get converted into XP with a coefficient of 1.
  • Deathmatch: points in the match multiplied by 0.2x
  • Flying Scoutsman: 4x multiplier on all of your points in the match
  • Demolition: 2.5x multiplier on your personal points
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Although you score more points for winning matches in the CS2 competitive mode, other game modes value your personal performance more. Also, it’s important to note that your current service medals have no effect on the experience points you gain.

What Are The CS2 XP Weekly Bonuses?

Counter-Strike 2 has introduced some changes to how XP bonuses work, together with the release of the weekly care package. While this feature is sometimes difficult to figure out, XP weekly bonuses are the best way to speed up your XP gain and allow you to earn a large amount of XP every week, even if you don’t play the game that often.

At the start of each week, you receive a bonus pool of 5000 XP points. These bonus points are awarded to you upon completing the matches. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, you’ll still receive your bonus XP.

The way this bonus XP is distributed works in the following way:

  • The first 3500 XP you receive is added to your final pool with a 3x multiplier. This means that if you get 100 XP for your performance, you will also receive a bonus of 300 XP.
  • The remaining 1500 XP will be added with a 1x multiplier. If you were to get 100 XP from a match, you would get a 100 XP bonus.

Your bonus XP gets reset every week back to the 5000 points pool. Any of the bonus XP that you don’t claim will be lost when the bonus refreshes.

What’s The Fastest Way To Level Up in CS2?

Now that you know how the XP features work in-game, it’s time to learn about how to level up fast in CS2.

While looking at the multiplier list, it might seem like competitive matches are the way to go. However, the opposite is actually true. If you want to score XP fast, competitive matchmaking should be your last choice. The main reason is that these matches can last very long, depending on how fast your team is at completing objectives, and can still reward you with little XP, despite the time spent playing.

For example, if you lost a competitive match, with six rounds won on your side, you will only get around 180 XP, with the match lasting nearly an hour, possibly even longer. This makes competitive matches a poor method of scoring more XP.

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In the time it would take you to complete a competitive match, you could’ve played multiple CS2 arms race matches. If you’re a good player, you will easily be able to dominate an arms race with different weapons, and most of the matches last very short. This means that, depending on your performance, you can score a large amount of XP in a short amount of time, with each win netting you also the weekly bonus XP as well.

In addition, the deathmatch can also be a great way to level up fast in CS2. These matches can be quick, just like Arms Race, but they also offer an additional multiplier. Again, if you’re a good CS2 player, a series of quick deathmatches will net you more XP, especially when combined with the XP bonus.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Arms Race and Deathmatch are the best ways to level up fast in CS2. If you need more tips, ticks, and CS2 news, make sure to check out the rest of our blog at SkinsMonkey!