Inferno is one of the most popular maps in the history of Counter Strike in general, and players have been testing their skills against each other on this map for decades now, with the first versions of this map going as far back as CS 1.1.

There’s a reason for the map’s popularity though. It allows for intense firefights in tight corridors and highly rewards individual skill and map awareness.

If you want to have any chances against the other team, you must really learn what you can about the map itself. Understanding the map callouts is the key to winning a match on Inferno. Here are all the important CSGO callouts that you need to know on the Inferno map.

Why Is It Important To Learn Inferno Map Callouts?

One simple reason is that Inferno is a very complex map. While this is the main reason for the map’s popularity, it also gives it a very high entry level. There are many narrow streets on the map, with perfect sniping spots.

For the CT players understanding the map callouts is crucial to victory, as Inferno is one of the most T-sided maps in the game at the moment. Statistically, the terrorists win well over half the matches on Inferno. This really requires the CT team to know the map callouts and have good teamwork, since it’s very easy for the Terrorist team to simply rush a bombsite straight from the T spawn and the CT players will have a hard time regaining any advantage lost. Knowing all the proper Inferno map callouts can give you leverage and improve your chances against the T team.

Although terrorists have a statistical advantage over counter terrorists, they still have a large room for mistakes. Almost all of the Inferno map is made out of narrow pathways, tight corridors, and closed spaces. This makes it very easy for the CT team to simply camp in some areas, waiting to take out your team in a flash. There are many different spots where the CT players can do it, and understanding the Inferno map callouts can greatly improve chances of your team.

Where is the Map Inferno located?

Unlike some other maps in the game, CSGO developers at Valve have confirmed the actual map’s location. According to them, the action of Inferno takes place in a small town in Italy, where the terrorists have decided to detonate bombs at import trade locations and the CT team is planning to stop them.

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However, despite the map being officially set in Italy, it’s actually modeled after a place in California, known as the San Juan Capistrano mission. The place itself is a beautiful chapel and a museum, and if you check out some of the photos on Google maps, you can clearly see parts of the Inferno map.

Top 15 Inferno Map Callouts For Better Play

One of the reasons for this map’s popularity is its size. There are many different locations, and players move between them very quickly. Because of this, there are a lot of different callouts you have to keep in mind to stay ahead of the competition. Here are the 15 most important ones:

  1. Banana – Long, bent corridor (hence the name) that the terrorists can use to quickly reach bombsite B and plant.
  2. B Site – B bombsite, near the Inferno fountains
  3. Graveyard – Located at the back of the A site, the place is easy to camp by the CT team
  4. Mid Balcony – One of the best sniping spots on the entire map, it’s important to remember about the balcony when going through mid.
  5. Second Mid – Connector between the CT and T side of apartments.
  6. T Ramp – The ramp that T team uses to go to Mid, from where they can advance either to A or B.
  7. Terrace – The flower-covered terrace next to the CT spawn.
  8. Bridge – Used to go between the living room and the T side of apartments.
  9. A Short – Short way from Mid to A through CT apartments.
  10. A Long – Longer route connecting bomb site A to Mid.
  11. T Apps – The section of apartments that’s close to the T spawn.
  12. Back Alley – A small back alley, leading from CT to T apps.
  13. Underpass – The small route underground that can be reached by crouching, connects Mid to second Mid.
  14. Pit – Popular camping spot for the CT team, awaiting the terrorists walking out of the apartments.
  15. Sand Bags on Construction – The sandbags are located near construction and are perfect for camping against the T team.


Inferno callouts are important since the map has so many different locations. The outside part itself is already big enough, but throw in also the apartments, and it can be difficult to wrap your head around everything, but if you keep these important map callouts in mind, you should have more success on Inferno. Remember, that if you want to show off your class in any Inferno matches, be sure to check out Skinsmonkey, where you can trade CS:GO skins at best prices, always!