Dear friends,

We have fantastic news for you! A new loyalty feature – Freebies – is available on SkinsMonkey! Now you can not only benefit from the CS:GO skins automated trading, but also get for free instant cash or the most popular cosmetic items from your favourite Steam games. 

Learn more about the Freebies, a new loyalty program of SkinsMonkey. It was designed to thank you for choosing our trading bot. And it promises an unlimited pool of rewards, including the most expensive Steam items. 

What are Freebies?

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Check Out the Freebies and Complete Tasks! 🔥

Freebies is a new loyalty program that rewards the most active SkinsMonkey users with trendy CS:GO cosmetic items (e.g. CS:GO gloves, knives and weapon skins) and real cash.

How to Get Free CS:GO Skins or Real Money in Freebies?

In short, you have to perform simple and funny tasks to increase your chances of the free CS:GO skins or e-wallet top-up with real money. You have to do as many challenges from the list as possible.

If you are lucky enough, you will receive a balance top-up or new CS:GO skins on your SkinsMonkey account. Once you find free money on your e-wallet, you can spend it for every item Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rust available on our platform. 

As of today, each user of our site has the opportunity to complete the following tasks:

  • Follow on our Twitter profile
  • Setting the SkinsMonkey logo on the Steam avatar
  • Join the SkinsMonkey Steam group
  • Adding #SkinsMonkey to your Steam profile name

In addition to Free Tasks, you also have the opportunity to enter daily, weekly and monthly giveaways. Do not miss our announcements on social media to be among the first, who find out more information about the big SkinsMonkey’s giveaways created in collaboration with famous influencers and YouTubers. 

How to Use Freebies on SkinsMonkey?

It is simple! All you have to do is to log in to SkinsMonkey and go to the Freebies tab, then complete the tasks of your choice.

Check this page often, as we add new tasks to complete from time to time!


SkinsMonkey Team