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The USP-S is a pistol skins available in Counter Strike 2 and Global Offensive. It was first introduced to the game in August of 2013, along with the Arms Deal Update. The weapon is based on the tactical variant of the USP (Universale Selbstladepistole, which translates as universal self-loading pistol), a gun produced by German firearms manufacturer Heckler&Koch. In Counter Strike, the USP-S is used exclusively by Counter-Terrorists. Due to it being a “fan favorite”, the Steam Market offers a wide variety of USPS CSGO skins.

The USP-S in Combat

The USP is a semi-automatic pistol that is meant to be an alternative to the P2000. It is characterized by high accuracy, moderate recoil, and the ability to inflict a decent level of damage. Unfortunately, it offers a small magazine of mere 12 rounds and a reserve of 24 rounds. Its fire rate amounts to 352 RPM, whereas the reload time is 2.2 s. The S variant is a silenced USP pistol with an advanced detachable silencer, which can be used for suppressing attention-getting noise. This feature can be crucial if the player is an enthusiast of carrying out stealth attacks. In general, the USP-S is recommended for long-range pistol rounds.

Cosmetic Skins

Some of the best USP-S skins include the USP-S Neo Noir, the USP-S Cyrex and the USP-S Cortex. They stand out from the rest because of their interesting range of colors and innovative designs. However, Steam Market is also full of USP-S skins, suitable for players looking for more subdued options. Plus, numerous price options are available, both budget-friendly and slightly less so. The cheapest USP-S skins are the Forest Leaves and the Lead Conduit. Both of them cost a mere few cents. The most expensive USP-S skin, on the other hand, is the Prinstream. Its Factory New version can go for as much as $200.

Some of the Best USP-S Skins:

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