USP-S | Serum Pistol Skins

USP-S | Serum (Factory New)
Factory New $ 78.17
Minimal Wear $ 43.00
Field-Tested $ 43.00
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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Type Pistol
Weapon USP-S
Skin Serum
Rarity Classified
Colors Red

Introducing the USP-S | Serum Skin

Discover the fantastic USP-S | Serum skin, a widely-loved design that has made its way from Counter-Strike Source to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This immensely popular silenced USP-S skins pistol features a removable silencer that significantly reduces recoil, all while dampening attention-grabbing noise.

A Sleek Paint Job for a Stealthy Weapon

The USP-S | Serum boasts a sophisticated digital pattern that uses a combination of metallic paints with varying reflectivities, all applied over a sleek chrome base coat. This artistic design adds a touch of flair to the classic pistol, helping it stand out as a must-have addition to any Counter-Strike fan’s arsenal.

Why Choose the USP-S | Serum Skin?

Not only does the USP-S | Serum enhance the already impressive and well-loved silenced USP pistol with its visually striking paint job, but it also maintains the key feature that players adore – the detachable silencer. The lessened recoil and suppressed noise offered by the silencer make this skin the perfect choice for players who value stealth and accuracy.

Don’t miss your chance to own the USP-S | Serum and strike with both style and stealth in your favorite game of Counter-Strike. Browse our selection at today and stand out as a true gaming enthusiast.

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