USP-S | Guardian Pistol Skins

USP-S | Guardian (Factory New)
Factory New $ 7.67
Minimal Wear $ 6.01
Field-Tested $ 3.22
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Pistol
Weapon USP-S
Skin Guardian
Rarity Restricted
Colors Gray

Introducing the USP-S | Guardian Skin

If you’ve been a fan of the Counter-Strike franchise since the days of Source, then the USP-S | Guardian skin is definitely going to catch your eye. This exceptional skin brings the nostalgia of the Silenced USP-S skins Pistol, which boasts a removable silencer that not only reduces recoil but also suppresses any noise that would otherwise grab unnecessary attention.

Cobalt Blue Design with CT Logo

What truly sets the USP-S | Guardian skin apart is its striking cobalt blue paint job, crafted carefully to make an impact. The slide also features the Counter-Terrorist (CT) logo stenciled in white, as a proud mark of the elite team that players have come to know and love. With this skin, make a statement on the battlefield and show off your prowess in combat.

Inspired by Carmen Cocinero, Extraction Expert

The USP-S | Guardian skin is inspired by none other than Carmen Cocinero, an expert in extraction and a vital player in the Counter-Strike world. Through this skin, channel Carmen’s steely determination and no-nonsense attitude with her memorable quote: “I can follow procedure and get 7 out, or I can do it my way and save all 10… your choice.”

A Perfect Addition to Your Collection

As a true fan of Counter-Strike, the USP-S | Guardian skin promises to be an excellent addition to your collection. Revel in the nostalgia, showcase your allegiance to the CT team, and feel confident while doing it all in style with this remarkable and eye-catching skin. Don’t miss the chance to add the USP-S | Guardian to your arsenal today!

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