USP-S | Business Class Pistol Skins

USP-S | Business Class (Factory New)
Factory New $ 68.09
Minimal Wear $ 52.71
Field-Tested $ 43.74
Well-Worn $ 42.47
Battle-Scarred $ 42.03

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Type Pistol
Weapon USP-S
Skin Business Class
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Orange, Gray

USP-S | Business Class

A Classic Weapon with a Touch of Luxury

Introducing the USP-S | Business Class, a skin that embodies both elegance and power, perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Inspired by the beloved Silenced USP-S skins Pistol from Counter-Strike Source, this skin brings the best of both worlds - style and functionality.

Silence is Golden: Detachable Silencer Advantage

The USP-S | Business Class features a detachable silencer that not only reduces recoil but also suppresses attention-catching noise. Experience seamless gameplay and outclass your opponents with this essential tool for stealth and precision.

Vintage Aesthetic Meets Modern Flair

Drawing inspiration from vintage luggage designs, the USP-S | Business Class has been custom-painted with a blend of retro colors and patterns, and adorned with brown leather-wrapped parts that exude sophistication. This rare skin is truly a statement piece that complements your gaming experience like no other.

The Ultimate Luxury for High Flyers

If you’re the type who doesn’t settle for just extra leg room but also values peace and quiet in-game, the USP-S | Business Class is designed just for you. Elevate your gameplay and add this luxurious skin to your gaming arsenal today. Discover the perfect combination of style, power, and stealth with the one and only USP-S | Business Class.

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