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The UMP-45 is a submachine gun skins available in the Counter Strike series. It is officially described as “the misunderstood middle child of the SMG family” since it used to be quite unpopular. Now it’s back on top, which is probably due to the fact that its price has been reduced significantly (by $500 to be exact). The UMP-45 is modeled after a real-life SMG made by a German manufacturer, Heckler & Koch. In the game, both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists can use this gun.

The UMP-45 in Combat

The UMP-45 provides pretty good value for money. Among submachine gun enthusiasts, this particular weapon has made a name for itself thanks to the high damage it inflicts and its impressive penetration power. In addition, it offers a pretty capacious magazine of 25 rounds and a reserve of 100 rounds. Unfortunately, the gun also has some drawbacks. The biggest one is probably the extremely low fire rate of 571 RPM. The reload time is also disappointing, as it takes as long as 3,3 seconds. Generally speaking, the UMP-45 is a good purchase as it is a versatile close-quarters automatic, but one should keep in mind, that it is recommended for mid-range combat only.

Cosmetic Skins

Thanks to the popularity of this particular SMG, the Steam Market is full of high-quality UMP-45 skins available for players to purchase. Their range consists of various extraordinary designs and interesting graphics. Luckily, the majority of them are very affordable. Therefore, any CSGO player has the opportunity to obtain their perfect skin. One of the cheapest ones is the Mudder, which usually costs just a few cents. The most expensive, however, is the Fade. Its Factory New version goes for around $160.

Some of the Best UMP-45 Skins:

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