UMP-45 | Corporal Smg Skins

UMP-45 | Corporal (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon UMP-45
Skin Corporal
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Orange

Introducing the UMP-45 | Corporal Skin

Step up your game with the UMP-45 | Corporal, a highly sought-after skin that gives the misunderstood middle child of the SMG family the respect it deserves. Despite its small magazine size, the UMP-45 is an incredibly versatile and powerful weapon in close-quarters combat. Elevate your gaming experience with this custom-designed skin that adds an extra layer of character and dominance to the battlefield.

Impressive Military Motif Design

The UMP-45 | Corporal skin proudly features an eye-catching and distinctive military motif. No detail has been spared to ensure it commands the utmost respect from your opponents. Stand out from the crowd with this impeccably designed, custom painted skin that’s sure to turn heads and strike fear into your enemies.

Respect Can Never Be Taken, Only Earned

As with any worthy weapon skin, the UMP-45 | Corporal serves as a reminder that respect in the gaming arena can never be taken — it can only be earned. Make your mark and ensure your presence is felt with this stunning skin that effortlessly combines style, class, and power into a legendary asset you can equip with pride.

Upgrade your UMP-45 skins experience and add the Corporal skin to your arsenal today. Show the world that you’ve earned your stripes and dominate the field with this incredible addition to your collection.

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