UMP-45 | Oscillator Smg Skins

UMP-45 | Oscillator (Factory New)
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Type SMG
Weapon UMP-45
Skin Oscillator
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Orange, Yellow, Gray

Introducing the UMP-45 | Oscillator Skin

As the often underestimated member of the SMG lineup, the UMP-45 skins brings flexibility and power to close-range battlegrounds. Boasting exceptional prowess in tight spaces, its only limiting factor is its compact magazine. But now, with the introduction of the unique UMP-45 | Oscillator skin, you can make a bold statement while conquering the field.

Dynamic Design and Striking Color Scheme

The UMP-45 | Oscillator features an eye-catching combination of colors that includes shades of orange, black, and grey. These dynamic hues are expertly arranged in a randomized pattern, ensuring that each Oscillator skin is as distinctive as its owner. With such a captivating design, others will surely take notice as you expertly navigate close-range combat.

Find Your Limit with the UMP-45 | Oscillator Skin

As you equip the UMP-45 | Oscillator, ask yourself: what’s your breaking point? This masterfully crafted skin is meant not only to elevate your gameplay but also to serve as a reminder of the tenacity needed to overcome adversity. As you push your limits and refine your skills, the UMP-45 | Oscillator will stand as a symbol of your determination and resilience on the battlefield.

Embrace the power of the UMP-45 and showcase your unique style with the remarkable UMP-45 | Oscillator skin, available now on!

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