UMP-45 | Bone Pile Smg Skins

UMP-45 | Bone Pile (Factory New)
Factory New $ 18.40
Minimal Wear $ 11.53
Field-Tested $ 11.10
Well-Worn Not Available
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Type SMG
Weapon UMP-45
Skin Bone Pile
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Lime

Meet the UMP-45 | Bone Pile: A Must-Have for Close-Quarters Combat

As a dedicated Counter-Strike enthusiast, you probably know the UMP-45 as the often-overlooked middle sibling of the SMG family. Sure, its small magazine size might be a glaring drawback, but don’t let that fool you. The UMP-45 is an incredibly versatile weapon for close-quarters combat. And now, you can make this formidable gun even more impressive with the unique UMP-45 | Bone Pile skin.

Make a Statement with the UMP-45 | Bone Pile Skin

Derived from the popular Cache map, this eye-catching skin features a stunning design of skulls placed over a detailed wiring diagram. With the UMP-45 | Bone Pile skin, you’ll stand out in the battlefield and make a lasting impression on both teammates and opponents alike. Not only does it elevate the aesthetics of your weapon, but it also symbolizes your commitment to your beloved game.

Expand Your Collection with the UMP-45 | Bone Pile

A must-have addition for any serious Counter-Strike player, the UMP-45 | Bone Pile skin will undoubtedly enrich your in-game experience. So, why wait? It’s time to upgrade your arsenal and bring a fresh new look to your UMP-45 skins. Add the exceptional UMP-45 | Bone Pile to your collection today, and take your close-quarters combat to the next level.

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