UMP-45 | Houndstooth Smg Skins

UMP-45 | Houndstooth (Factory New)
Factory New $ 4.70
Minimal Wear $ 4.05
Field-Tested $ 4.05
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Type SMG
Weapon UMP-45
Skin Houndstooth
Rarity Industrial
Colors Orange

UMP-45 | Houndstooth: The Underrated SMG of Choice

Embrace Your Inner Lone Wolf

The UMP-45 skins is known as the underestimated core member of the SMG family. Boasting an incredibly versatile close-quarter automatic performance, the only drawback of this weapon is its slightly smaller magazine size. However, this little setback hardly impacts its efficiency and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Classic Houndstooth Design

The UMP-45 | Houndstooth is not only a formidable weapon in the right hands, it is also visually appealing with its sophisticated brown houndstooth hydrographic pattern. This elegant design gives the skin a distinct sense of style, setting it apart from other skins available on the market.

Perfect for Aspiring Leaders

Do you want to command a role that suits your playstyle, rather than following in the footsteps of others? The UMP-45 | Houndstooth is your weapon of choice. It empowers you to seize control of your gameplay and emerge victorious in the heat of battle.

So, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Counter-Strike, the UMP-45 | Houndstooth provides you with the perfect balance of power, versatility, and style. Equip it today and take on the battlefield with confidence and panache!

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