★ Talon Knife | Safari Mesh Knife Skins

★ Talon Knife | Safari Mesh (Factory New)
Factory New $ 524.20
Minimal Wear $ 388.43
Field-Tested $ 360.26
Well-Worn $ 353.05
Battle-Scarred $ 353.05

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Talon Knife
Skin Safari Mesh
Rarity Covert
Colors Gray

Introducing the ★ Talon Knife | Safari Mesh

Embrace your wild side with the ferocious ★ Talon Knife | Safari Mesh, perfect for hunters or collectors who crave tactical efficiency combined with raw, predatory instincts. Its unique design and striking appearance set it apart, ensuring you’ll be the envy of your fellow gamers.

A Razor-Sharp, Ruthless Design

Boasting an ivory handle, this karambit knife doesn’t shy away from showcasing its superb craftsmanship. The brass rivets embedded within the handle provide exceptional durability, while the saw-tooth ridges guarantee a deadly, dual cutting experience. It’s designed to slice smoothly entering its target and cause devastating damage upon withdrawal.

Born from Artful Creativity

The ★ Talon Knife | Safari Mesh prides itself on its distinctive, spray-painted exterior. Crafted using mesh fencing and cardboard cutout stencils, the artful pattern gives the knife a rugged, camouflage-like appearance. This intricate design evokes the fierce nature of a predator, ensuring you’re always ready for action while blending seamlessly with your gaming environment.

Predator by Nature, Predator by Design

With the ★ Talon Knife skin | Safari Mesh, you’ll always be ready to strike. Its fierce design reflects the relentless predator that resides within every player, proving that no matter the setting, a true hunter will always rise to the challenge. Set yourself apart with this iconic knife and always stay one step ahead of your prey.

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