★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh Knife Skins

★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh (Factory New)
Factory New $ 248.43
Minimal Wear $ 111.58
Field-Tested $ 107.23
Well-Worn $ 108.09
Battle-Scarred $ 105.09

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Navaja Knife
Skin Safari Mesh
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Gray

★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh: A Masterpiece of Aesthetic and Ferocity

Unleash your inner predator with the remarkable ★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh skin, boasting a spectacular combination of elegance and fierceness. Crafted with the utmost care, this incredible weapon features a compact yet fiercely sharp and tapered blade, capable of turning any combat situation in your favor.

Creativity Meets Artistry in the Safari Mesh Design

Ditch the mundane; the ★ Navaja Knife skins | Safari Mesh design stands out with a touch of ingenious artistry. The awe-inspiring spray-paint work was done by employing mesh fencing and cardboard cutouts as stencils to create a unique pattern that mirrors the untamed wilderness. The outstanding marble-enamel handle not only adds opulence but offers excellent grip and control.

A Predator’s Weapon for Any Environment

The ★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh skin reminds you that a true predator thrives in any environment. Wild and versatile, the Safari Mesh skin is a striking upgrade that showcases your skills while making a statement on the battlefield. Whether you’re battling it out in the virtual wild or stalking your prey in the shadows, the ★ Navaja Knife | Safari Mesh skin is an intimidating yet stylish addition to your weapon collection.

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