★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh Knife Skins

★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh (Minimal Wear)
Factory New Not Available
Minimal Wear $ 151.96
Field-Tested $ 140.90
Well-Worn $ 138.07
Battle-Scarred $ 134.24

Community Rating

5.00 Stars Rated by 2 users


Type Knife
Weapon ★ Bowie Knife
Skin Safari Mesh
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Gray

★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh: Trade, Buy, and Sell on SkinsMonkey

Looking to trade, buy, or sell ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh skins? Look no further than SkinsMonkey. We have a wide selection of CS2(CS:GO) skins, including the popular Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh.

History of ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh Skins

The ★ Bowie Knife skin | Safari Mesh was added to the game on February 17, 2016, coinciding with the start of Operation Wildfire. It can be found in The Operation Wildfire Case. This unique skin features a beige and khaki spray-painted design on the entire body, inspired by mesh fencing used as a stencil.

Who Created the ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh

The ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh was created by an artist during Operation Wildfire. This talented individual masterfully crafted the aesthetic appeal of the skin, making it a must-have for collectors and gamers alike.

How Much Does ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh Cost

The price of the ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh can vary depending on the market demand. However, it is generally considered one of the most affordable skins for this type of knife. Explore our inventory on SkinsMonkey to find the best deals on ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh skins.

★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh - Float Score

The Float Value of the ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh ranges from 0.06 to 0.80, meaning it is available in all conditions. In Factory New condition, you may notice small abrasions on different parts of the blade and the guard. When the Float Value is near the maximum, the paint layer on the blade may appear almost completely peeled off.

How Rare is ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh?

The ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh is not considered a particularly rare skin. However, its unique design and affordability make it a highly sought-after choice among CS2(CS:GO) players and collectors.

Which CS2(CS:GO) Case Has a ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh?

The ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh can be found in The Operation Wildfire Case. Open this case for a chance to obtain this iconic skin and add it to your collection.

★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh Collection

The ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh belongs to the Safari Mesh series. With its Covert quality and StatTrak option, this skin is a valuable addition to any CS2(CS:GO) knife collection.

Note: If you’re looking to trade CS2(CS:GO) skins, including the ★ Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh, or want to learn more about it, visit SkinsMonkey. We offer a convenient and secure platform for trading CS2(CS:GO) skins.

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