★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT Knife Skins

★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT (Factory New)
Factory New $ 423.32
Minimal Wear $ 149.65
Field-Tested $ 140.73
Well-Worn $ 134.09
Battle-Scarred $ 134.09

Community Rating

5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Knife
Weapon ★ Bowie Knife
Skin Forest DDPAT
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Lime

★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT: Trade, Buy and Sell on SkinsMonkey

If you’re a fan of Counter-Strike and looking to add some style to your gameplay, look no further than the ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT skin. This skin is available for trade, purchase, and sale on SkinsMonkey. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your knife or make some extra cash, the ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT is a great choice.

History of ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT Skins

The ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT skin was introduced to the game on February 17, 2016, coinciding with the launch of Operation Wildfire. It can be found in The Operation Wildfire Case. The knife blade features a pixel camouflage pattern, with shades of green, khaki, beige, and brown. The guard is painted green, while the handle is brown.

Who Created the ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT?

This unique skin was created by a talented artist who brought the ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT to life.

How Much Does ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT Cost?

If you’re interested in adding the ★ Bowie Knife skin | Forest DDPAT to your collection, you may be wondering about its price. The cost of the knife can vary depending on factors such as condition and popularity, but it is generally considered one of the more affordable skins for this type of knife.

★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT - Float Score

When it comes to the float score of the ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT, it can range from 0.06 to 0.80. This means that the skin is available in various conditions, from Factory New with minimal abrasions to Battle-Scarred with noticeable wear and tear. Keep in mind that as the float value approaches the maximum, the paint layer on the blade may be nearly peeled off.

How Rare is ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT?

The ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT is not considered particularly rare, as there are no special or rare variations of the pattern. However, it is still a highly sought-after skin due to its attractive pixel camouflage design and affordability.

Which CS:GO Case Has a ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT?

If you’re hoping to obtain a ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT skin, you’ll have the chance to find it in The Operation Wildfire Case. Open up this case for a shot at getting your hands on this unique and stylish skin.

★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT Collection

The ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT is part of the Forest DDPAT collection, a series of skins with a similar visual theme. If you’re a fan of this collection, the ★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT is a must-have addition to your inventory.

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