★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT Knife Skins

★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT (Factory New)
Factory New $ 680.17
Minimal Wear $ 432.44
Field-Tested $ 373.90
Well-Worn $ 365.10
Battle-Scarred $ 360.69

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Talon Knife
Skin Forest DDPAT
Rarity Covert
Colors Green, Yellow

Unleash the Beast with the ★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT

Discover the ferocity of the ★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT, a skin designed for true warriors. With its unique appearance and menacing features, this knife is one that will surely grab attention on the battlefield.

Exquisite Ivory Handle and Brass Rivets

The ★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT boasts an elegant ivory handle complemented by gleaming brass rivets. The combination of these timeless materials not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures durability for those intense in-game encounters.

Saw-Tooth Ridges for Maximum Damage

Designed to cut and tear through anything in its path, the ★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT features sharp saw-tooth ridges along its blade. These fierce edges make this karambit a lethal weapon that cuts on the way in and tears on the way out.

Digital Disruptive Pattern (DDPAT) Hydrographic

What makes the ★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT truly stand out is its captivating Digital Disruptive Pattern (DDPAT) hydrographic. Covering the entire blade, the DDPAT design adds a stunning visual effect to this deadly weapon.

Closing In on Victory

When wielding the ★ Talon Knife | Forest DDPAT, your enemies won’t even have a chance to notice the detailed pixels before it’s too late. This karambit guarantees efficiency, precision, and striking aesthetics that will leave your opponents in awe.

Choose the ★ Talon Knife skin | Forest DDPAT for an impeccable blend of style and functionality, and lead the way to victory on the battlefield.

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