★ Talon Knife | Boreal Forest Knife Skins

★ Talon Knife | Boreal Forest (Factory New)
Factory New $ 677.82
Minimal Wear $ 436.35
Field-Tested $ 373.02
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Battle-Scarred $ 362.01

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Talon Knife
Skin Boreal Forest
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Gray

Introducing the ★ Talon Knife | Boreal Forest Skin

Discover the elegance and power of the ★ Talon Knife | Boreal Forest skin. Designed with precision and finesse, this ivory-handled karambit offers a stunning and unique look that can help you stand out in the world of Counter-Strike.

Brass Rivets and Saw-Tooth Ridges

This captivating skin boasts brass rivets and saw-tooth ridges, making it a striking and dangerous weapon. The innovative design allows for cutting as you thrust the knife in and tearing as you pull it out, leaving your opponents in absolute awe.

Forest Camouflage Hydrographic

The ★ Talon Knife | Boreal Forest skin is adorned with an exquisite forest camouflage hydrographic that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. This camouflage not only adds to the knife’s aesthetics but may also provide a tactical advantage in certain situations.

Be Prepared for the Dangerous Woods

The woods can be treacherous, so it’s always best to stay prepared and never travel alone. With the ★ Talon Knife | Boreal Forest skin in your arsenal, you’ll be fully equipped to handle any challenges that come your way in the game.

Upgrade your Counter-Strike experience with the ★ Talon Knife skin | Boreal Forest, and become the envy of your friends and competitors alike. Find this remarkable skin and many others at SkinsMonkey.com.

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