★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest Knife Skins

★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest (Factory New)
Factory New $ 493.41
Minimal Wear $ 198.37
Field-Tested $ 186.46
Well-Worn $ 177.64
Battle-Scarred $ 178.52

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Classic Knife
Skin Boreal Forest
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow

##Introducing the ★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest
Dive into the world of Counter-Strike with the iconic ★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest. This timeless masterpiece showcases exceptional craftsmanship and blends modern materials with ancient aesthetics. Equip yourself with this powerful tool and remember - when venturing into the woods, it’s best to never travel alone.

##Precision and Power: Stellite Edge and Titanium Integration
Renowned in the Counter-Strike series, this knife features a sophisticated press-fit Stellite edge. Flawlessly held in place with titanium on both the cheek and spine, the sharp blade provides excellent precision and durability. Revel in the perfect balance of power and precision for the ultimate gaming experience.

##Majestic Design: Mastodon Ivory Handle and Carbon Fibre Pocket
Elevating its status, the knife’s handle is made from rare fossilized mastodon ivory, nestled in a sleek and sturdy carbon fibre pocket. This exquisite combination seamlessly merges modern technology and ancient beauty to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in the world of Counter-Strike skins.

##Camouflage Mastery: Forest Camo Hydrographic
To further enhance its functionality, the ★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest is painted using an impressive forest camouflage hydrographic. This attention to detail ensures you remain stealthy and agile while navigating through dangerous landscapes in the game. Equip yourself with this striking skin and achieve mastery in the art of camouflage.

##Embark on Your Adventure with the ★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest
Join the ranks of Counter-Strike’s elite players with this stunning and powerful knife skin. The ★ Classic Knife | Boreal Forest is the perfect companion for those venturing into the world of high-stakes gaming. Arm yourself with this unmatched blend of power, precision, beauty, and history – and never travel alone.

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