★ Classic Knife | Blue Steel Knife Skins

★ Classic Knife | Blue Steel (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 343.13
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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Classic Knife
Skin Blue Steel
Rarity Covert

Introducing the ★ Classic Knife | Blue Steel: An Iconic Counter-Strike Weapon

The much-adored Classic Knife - a true symbol of the Counter-Strike universe - returns in the breathtaking Blue Steel finish, bringing sophisticated artistry to your gaming arsenal. Prepare to be captivated by its unparalleled blend of elegance, performance, and history.

Magnificent Edge of Stellite and Titanium

Boasting a superior design crafted for the experts, the blade of the ★ Classic Knife | Blue Steel showcases a perfect composition of press-fit Stellite seamlessly married with titanium on the cheek and spine. This stunning combination ensures an unmatched stability that die-hard fans of the series have come to cherish.

Timeless Fossilized Mastodon Ivory Handle

An exquisite, one-of-a-kind feature of this iconic knife is its majestic handle fashioned from fossilized mastodon ivory, providing a unique connection to a bygone era. Encased in a robust carbon fiber pocket, the handle delivers both comfort and unrivaled style to the resolute gamer.

The Cold Blue Finish: A Distinctive Signature

The sophisticated cold blue finish adorning the ★ Classic Knife | Blue Steel gives it an air of mystery and regal elegance. Likened to the rich aroma and depth of the finest Malbec, this weapon design transcends into the realm of true artistry.

With the ★ Classic Knife | Blue Steel in your collection, you’re not just wielding a superb weapon, but a symbol of sheer splendor and unmatched craftsmanship. Embrace the legacy of Counter-Strike and leave your mark on the battlefield with this remarkable design, only available on SkinsMonkey.com.

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