★ Classic Knife | Stained Knife Skins

★ Classic Knife | Stained (Factory New)
Factory New $ 385.94
Minimal Wear $ 297.88
Field-Tested $ 270.31
Well-Worn $ 238.09
Battle-Scarred $ 227.28

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Classic Knife
Skin Stained
Rarity Covert
Colors Gray

##Introducing the ★ Classic Knife | Stained

Get ready to experience a true Counter-Strike classic, the ★ Classic Knife | Stained is not only a fine example of craftsmanship and design but also a testament to the rich history of the game. The perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, this skin is sure to capture the hearts of Counter-Strike enthusiasts and collectors alike.

###Premium Blade Construction

Boasting an elite-quality blade, the edge of this knife is made from press-fit Stellite, ensuring an impeccable fit with the titanium along the blade’s cheek and spine. This immaculate construction provides sharpness and durability, allowing you to dominate your foes in style.

###Exquisite Handle Design

The handle of the ★ Classic Knife | Stained sets it apart from other skins. Made from fossilized mastodon ivory, it is held securely within a carbon fiber pocket. This unique combination of materials demonstrates innovation and attention to detail, making it a must-have in any knife collection.

###Forced Patina Finish

To create the stunning and distinctive appearance of the ★ Classic Knife | Stained, a forced patina process is used. By dripping lemon and mustard onto the surface, a remarkable and irregular pattern is formed. It may look a bit messy, but that’s the beauty of it! Wait till you see it glow under a blacklight - you’ll truly appreciate the depth and intricacy of the design.

##Unleash the Power of the ★ Classic Knife | Stained

Equip yourself with this iconic skin and showcase your love for Counter-Strike. Offering a stunning combination of cutting-edge design, high-quality materials, and a classic nod to the game’s history, the ★ Classic Knife | Stained makes for an irresistible addition to your arsenal. Don’t miss your chance to own this remarkable skin!

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