★ Butterfly Knife | Stained Knife Skins

★ Butterfly Knife | Stained (Factory New)
Factory New $ 1,446.69
Minimal Wear $ 1,329.51
Field-Tested $ 1,232.44
Well-Worn $ 1,132.18
Battle-Scarred $ 1,067.35

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Butterfly Knife
Skin Stained
Rarity Covert
Colors Blue, Gray

Introducing the ★ Butterfly Knife | Stained

Are you a fan of unique and eye-catching weapon designs? The ★ Butterfly Knife | Stained is the perfect addition to your collection of in-game Counter Strike skins. This exclusiveustom-designed balisong, widely recognized as a butterfly knife, boasts an incredibly distinct appearance and functionality.

Unrivaled Style and Swift Deployment

The most striking feature of this weapon lies in its fan-like opening with a freely pivoting blade, allowing for quick deployment or concealment as needed. It’s no surprise that butterfly knives like this one have been banned in numerous countries due to their unparalleled design and potential risks. Nonetheless, this virtual design is available for you to showcase within the game.

A Messy Yet Intriguing Finish

This particular butterfly knife has been treated with a forced patina, created by carefully dripping lemon and mustard on the blade’s surface. Although it may appear messy upon first glance, the real magic happens when you expose it to a blacklight. You’ll be amazed at how the stained design comes to life, giving you an extraordinary in-game edge.

Add the ★ Butterfly Knife | Stained to Your Arsenal Today

Upgrade your game experience with this one-of-a-kind ★ Butterfly Knife skin that combines exceptional performance and a stunning appearance. Don’t miss out on your chance to impress your fellow players and dominate the battlefield in Counter Strike with this remarkable weapon.

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