★ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter Knife Skins

★ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter (Factory New)
Factory New $ 2,738.83
Minimal Wear $ 2,278.93
Field-Tested $ 2,042.67
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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Butterfly Knife
Skin Slaughter
Rarity Covert
Colors Red

Get the Incredible ★ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter Skin

Featuring a custom-designed balisong, better known as the butterfly knife, this skin showcases the artistry and skill inherent in the weapon’s design. The butterfly knife is renowned for its unique fan-like opening mechanism which pivots the blade for quick deployment or concealment purposes. Due to this, it’s considered an illegal weapon in numerous countries worldwide.

Enchanting Zebra-Stripe Pattern with a Splash of Tomato Red

With the ★ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter, you’ll experience incredible attention to detail, as it has been carefully painted using aluminum and chrome paints of varying reflectivities to create an eye-catching zebra-stripe pattern. The captivating design is further enhanced by a lustrous tomato red candy coating that elevates the overall appearance of this exquisite skin.

Javier’s Prying Mastery

Inspired by a tale where Valeria doesn’t pay Javier to question, but rather to extract answers, the ★ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter skin exhibits not only the art of pry-opening but also the secretive and deadly intentions of those who wield it.

Why wait any longer? Get your hands on the ★ Butterfly Knife skin | Slaughter now and add this remarkable, beautifully designed skin to your collection!

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