★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter Knife Skins

★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter (Factory New)
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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Shadow Daggers
Skin Slaughter
Rarity Covert
Colors Red, White

Introducing the ★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter

Prepare to show off your ruthless efficiency with the ★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter skin. This unique weapon skin has been designed to exemplify power and ferocity. Whether you’re throwing a single punch or a series of them, these shadow daggers ensure that you’ll leave an unforgettable impression on the battlefield.

Distinct Zebra-Stripe Pattern and Striking Colors

The ★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter skin boasts an eye-catching zebra-stripe design, achieved using aluminum and chrome paints with varying levels of reflectivity. The result is a stunning, shimmering pattern that will command attention on the battleground. But that’s not all - this skin is then enveloped with a vibrant tomato red candy coat, adding a touch of fiery elegance to its overall appearance.

A Skin with a Story: Valeria and Javier

Behind this striking skin lies a tale of intrigue and power. Valeria, a character known for her ruthlessness, doesn’t simply pay Javier to ask questions – she pays him to extract answers. And with the ★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter skin in hand, you too can embody this unstoppable persona as you dominate your opponents in the game of Counter Strike.

Experience the Power of the ★ Shadow Daggers | Slaughter

In summary, the ★ Shadow Daggers skin | Slaughter skin is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement on the battlefield. Its lethal design, exceptional zebra-stripe pattern, and intense red colors combine to make it a truly remarkable and unforgettable skin. Equip it and embrace the feeling of power and ferocity it brings every time you use it in Counter Strike!

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