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The Shadow Daggers are cosmetic skins knives added to CS in 2015 along with the Shadow Boxing Update. These push daggers are an iconic part of the game known for their impressive looks and efficient brutality. They have both devoted enthusiasts and avid haters. Although, it has not been explicitly stated what the Shadow Daggers are modeled on, they bear a great resemblance to the Uppercut Push Dagger manufactured by Gerber, a company that makes hunting equipment. They are available to both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

The Shadow Daggers in Combat

Since the Shadow Daggers are cosmetic knives, they provide the same features as the basic default knife. The major difference is that as there are two blades, so the player holds them in both hands during combat. Knives enable two firing modes: STAB and SLASH. Their main advantage is the ability to produce little noise, which is useful for sneak attacks. On top of that, they’re extremely light, and therefore, they do not slow the player down. This can prove crucial if a sudden escape is necessary.

Cosmetic Skins

There is a variety of Shadow Daggers skins available on the market. They are full of vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Like most cosmetic knives, they are a very rare in-game item, which unfortunately translates into their skin prices on the Steam Market. One of the cheapest Shadow Daggers skins is the Star Coat, with a price usually hovering around $50. The most expensive skin, on the other hand, is the Crimson Web, with its Factory New version costing nearly $400.

Some of the Best Shadow Daggers Skins:

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