★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened Knife Skins

★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened (Factory New)
Factory New $ 610.56
Minimal Wear $ 441.26
Field-Tested $ 352.08
Well-Worn $ 319.52
Battle-Scarred $ 302.31

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Classic Knife
Skin Case Hardened
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Blue

##★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened: A Vibrant Addition to Your Collection

Introducing the ★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened, a time-honored favorite from the Counter-Strike series. This expertly crafted knife features an edge made of press-fit Stellite that is seamlessly integrated with the titanium on the blade’s cheek and spine. Experience ultimate precision and stability with this resilient, high-quality knife in your arsenal.

##Exquisite Handle Design: Fossilized Mastodon Ivory and Carbon Fiber

The ★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened boasts a sophisticated handle made of rare fossilized mastodon ivory. This ancient material is delicately encased within a durable carbon fiber pocket, offering both elegance and functionality to your gaming experience.

##Color Case-Hardened Technique: A Stunning Visual Display

This distinctive knife has undergone an intricate color case-hardening process, involving the application of wood charcoal at extreme temperatures. The result is a dazzling display of vibrant colors and patterns that not only enhance the knife’s overall appearance but also ensure its durability. Remember, “A little color never hurt anyone.”

Elevate your in-game experience by adding the ★ Classic Knife | Case Hardened to your collection. This visually captivating and skillfully designed weapon will surely make you the envy of your fellow gamers. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this impressive knife skin today!

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