★ Talon Knife | Blue Steel Knife Skins

★ Talon Knife | Blue Steel (Factory New)
Factory New $ 864.58
Minimal Wear $ 728.52
Field-Tested $ 677.97
Well-Worn $ 651.66
Battle-Scarred $ 629.70

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Talon Knife
Skin Blue Steel
Rarity Covert
Colors Blue

Introducing the ★ Talon Knife | Blue Steel

Discover the exceptional elegance of the ★ Talon Knife | Blue Steel, a top-tier addition to your Counter Strike collection. Carefully crafted with an ivory handle and accented by brass rivets, this karambit is the embodiment of sophistication.

Saw-Tooth Ridges for Unparalleled Performance

The unique design of this ★ Talon Knife doesn’t stop at its beautiful aesthetics. Equipped with saw-tooth ridges, it delivers a cutting performance unlike any other. It’s expertly designed to slice smoothly on the way in and tear its way out, ensuring no opponent can withstand the attack.

Cold Blue Finish for a Timeless Elegance

Enhancing its striking appearance, the ★ Talon Knife | Blue Steel has been treated with a cold blue finish, providing a remarkable depth of color. As described by renowned Arms Dealer Booth, this knife is the “malbec of weapon design,” speaking to its unparalleled class and style.

Upgrade your Counter Strike arsenal with a skin that truly stands out among the rest. The ★ Talon Knife skin | Blue Steel is the elegant, high-performance choice for players who settle for nothing less than the finest quality and design.

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