★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest Knife Skins

★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 206.26
Field-Tested $ 191.95
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Battle-Scarred $ 182.89

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Flip Knife
Skin Boreal Forest
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Gray

Introducing the ★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest Skin

Discover the magnificent ★ Flip Knife skin | Boreal Forest, perfect for Counter-Strike enthusiasts looking for a unique and stunning design. This remarkable skin boasts a Persian-inspired back-swept blade featuring an acute point that effortlessly balances its delicate nature with its impressive durability.

Camouflaged in the Enchanting Boreal Forest

The ★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest skin is masterfully adorned with a captivating forest camouflage hydrographic, immersing you in the heart of the mysterious and thrilling woods. Blending in seamlessly with its surroundings, this exceptional skin is a subtle reminder that the wilderness can be treacherous – so it’s always wise to never travel alone.

Impressive Durability Meets Sleek Elegance

Despite its fragile appearance, the ★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest skin’s overall design is remarkably resilient. Its Persian-style influence adds elegance to the knife’s structure, while the back-swept blade with an acute point ensures a perfect blend of form and function. With this awe-inspiring skin, prepare to navigate the perilous world of Counter-Strike in style, attracting admiration from friends and foes alike.

Explore the alluring ★ Flip Knife | Boreal Forest skin, a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship for the discerning Counter-Strike fan at SkinsMonkey.com.

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