★ Flip Knife | Lore Knife Skins

★ Flip Knife | Lore (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 528.33
Field-Tested $ 394.05
Well-Worn $ 360.43
Battle-Scarred $ 314.79

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Flip Knife
Skin Lore
Rarity Covert
Colors Lime, Orange, Yellow

Introducing: ★ Flip Knife | Lore

An Impressive Persian-style Blade

The ★ Flip Knife | Lore boasts a stunning Persian-style back-swept blade, featuring a dangerously sharp acute point. Although the tip may appear delicate, rest assured that the overall blade construction is designed with remarkable durability in mind. This powerful flip knife effortlessly combines finesse and strength, making it the ultimate addition to your collection.

Exquisite Custom Knotwork Design

What makes the ★ Flip Knife | Lore truly stand out is its intricate, custom-painted knotwork. Our talented artists have meticulously crafted this mesmerizing design, adding a layer of sophistication and class to this impressive weapon. This unique and eye-catching design is a testament to your refined taste in Counter Strike skins, enhancing your virtual arsenal with the perfect marriage of beauty and functionality.

Transform Your Gaming Experience

When you equip the ★ Flip Knife skin | Lore in Counter Strike, prepare to turn heads on the battlefield. With this gorgeously designed blade at your side, you’ll not only be a formidable opponent but an unmistakable presence in the game. Elevate your gaming experience and dominate in style with the ★ Flip Knife | Lore.

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