★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire Knife Skins

★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire (Factory New)
Factory New $ 3,847.69
Minimal Wear $ 3,409.48
Field-Tested Not Available
Well-Worn Not Available
Battle-Scarred Not Available

Community Rating

5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Knife
Weapon ★ Flip Knife
Skin Doppler Sapphire
Rarity Covert
Colors Blue

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Looking to trade, buy, or sell the coveted ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire skin for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS2(CS:GO))? Look no further than SkinsMonkey, your one-stop destination for all your CS2(CS:GO) skin needs. With our secure platform and wide range of listing options, finding or selling this sought-after skin has never been easier.

History of ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire Skins

The ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire, also known as Flip Sap, was introduced to the CS2(CS:GO) community on January 8, 2015, as part of the game’s “Full Spectrum” update. This exquisite skin can be found in any of the “Chroma” cases. Its blade features a metallic paint coating adorned with translucent wavy lines, reminiscent of swirling smoke. The color scheme showcases a mesmerizing gradient of blue shades that mimic the texture of a sapphire. The handle, however, remains unpainted. With a Float Value ranging from 0.00 to 0.08, this skin is exclusively available in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions. Watch out for wear levels approaching the maximum, as they may reveal noticeable abrasions near the blade’s handle corner. While special or rare pattern variations are absent, the Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire stands out as a Covert quality skin. It also offers a StatTrak option and is considered the most expensive phase in the entire “Flip Knife | Doppler” series. Furthermore, the M9 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Black Pearl, a rare skin for the M9 Bayonet, is highly regarded among collectors due to its high price and scarcity in the game.

Who Created the ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire?
The talented creators behind the ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire skin have provided the CS2(CS:GO) community with a truly exceptional cosmetic item. Their dedication to detail and innovative design has made this skin a standout piece in the game. Skin collectors and enthusiasts owe their gratitude to these talented individuals for adding such beauty to the CS2(CS:GO) skin lineup.

How Much Does ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire Cost?

The ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire is a highly sought-after skin, and its rarity and exquisite design reflect in its price. Priced on the higher end of the scale, this skin commands a premium due to its popularity and desirability among players and collectors alike. If you’re looking to add this beauty to your arsenal, be prepared to invest a substantial amount to acquire it.

★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire - Float Score

The Float Value of the ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire ranges from 0.00 to 0.08. This means that you can find this skin in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions. However, as the wear level approaches the maximum, you may start to notice some abrasions near the blade’s handle corner. Keep this in mind when inspecting or trading for this stunning skin.

How Rare is ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire?

The ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire is considered a rare skin due to its unique design and limited availability. While not the rarest skin in the game, it is highly valued and sought after by players and collectors alike. Its exclusivity and breathtaking aesthetics make it a true gem among CS2(CS:GO) skins.

Which CS2(CS:GO) Case Has a ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire?

Are you wondering which CS2(CS:GO) case contains the elusive ★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire skin? Look no further than the “Chroma” cases. These cases offer a chance to obtain this prestigious skin, so keep an eye out for them if you’re looking to add this beauty to your collection.

★ Flip Knife | Doppler Sapphire Collection

The ★ Flip Knife skin | Doppler Sapphire is part of the “Flip Knife | Doppler” collection, a series of skins that share a similar aesthetic theme. Each phase in this collection offers a distinct and captivating design, with the Sapphire phase being the most expensive among them. Collectors and players admire the uniqueness of this collection and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating it.

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