★ Paracord Knife | Forest DDPAT Knife Skins

★ Paracord Knife | Forest DDPAT (Factory New)
Factory New $ 279.00
Minimal Wear $ 142.80
Field-Tested $ 125.43
Well-Worn $ 119.51
Battle-Scarred $ 122.92

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Paracord Knife
Skin Forest DDPAT
Rarity Covert
Colors Yellow, Orange

Introducing the ★ Paracord Knife | Forest DDPAT

Discover the ultimate fixed-blade survival knife, perfect for both self-defense and everyday utility tasks such as setting traps, hunting, or even cutting through foliage. The ★ Paracord Knife | Forest DDPAT is not just any weapon; it is designed to handle any situation you might encounter.

Featuring a Versatile Paracord Handle

The handle of this exceptional knife is meticulously wrapped with high-quality, multi-purpose paracord, ensuring a secure grip no matter the circumstances. Not only does this make the knife more comfortable to handle, but the paracord itself can also be put to good use in various survival scenarios.

Unique Digital Disruptive Pattern (DDPAT) Design

Inspired by advanced camouflage techniques, the ★ Paracord Knife | Forest DDPAT boasts an eye-catching Digital Disruptive Pattern (DDPAT) hydrographic coating. This innovative design effectively masks the knife in nature and adds an extra element of stealth when you need it the most. By the time your opponents realize it’s there, it will be too late for them.

Equip yourself with the ★ Paracord Knife skin | Forest DDPAT and be ready for whatever the game throws at you. Experience the perfect blend of function, style, and adaptability, all in one formidable knife.

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