★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked Knife Skins

★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked (Factory New)
Factory New $ 403.62
Minimal Wear $ 155.44
Field-Tested $ 134.07
Well-Worn $ 124.99
Battle-Scarred $ 125.48

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Paracord Knife
Skin Urban Masked
Rarity Covert
Colors Lime, Gray, White

Introducing the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked Skin

Discover the ultimate fusion of weapon and utility - the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked skin. This versatile, fixed-blade survival knife is expertly crafted to serve you in both combative and practical situations, making it the perfect addition to your arsenal.

A Robust and Reliable Companion

Whether you’re setting traps, hunting foes, or slicing through foliage, the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked skin is built to withstand it all. Its rugged design and sharp blade ensure that it will be a reliable tool in even the most challenging of environments.

Multi-Purpose Paracord Handle

True to its name, the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked skin features a handle that is wrapped in a durable, multi-purpose paracord. This handy component adds an extra layer of functionality to your knife, making it the perfect companion for various tactical situations.

Unique Urban Masked Aesthetic

Stand out on the battlefield with the unique appearance of the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked skin. This exceptional design is achieved through the use of a tangled masking tape stencil, which is skillfully spray-painted onto the knife itself. The result is an intricate and captivating pattern that showcases your prowess in both power and subtlety.

Unleash the Power of the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked Skin

Equip yourself with the ★ Paracord Knife | Urban Masked skin and experience the perfect balance of style and practicality. This remarkable knife not only looks great, but it also provides the versatility and functionality needed to excel in your gameplay. Uncover your true power with the subtle yet effective application of the ★ Paracord Knife skin | Urban Masked today.

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