★ Paracord Knife | Night Stripe Knife Skins

★ Paracord Knife | Night Stripe (Factory New)
Factory New $ 470.46
Minimal Wear $ 172.33
Field-Tested $ 141.55
Well-Worn $ 134.42
Battle-Scarred $ 136.50

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Type Knife
Weapon ★ Paracord Knife
Skin Night Stripe
Rarity Covert
Colors Blue

Introducing: ★ Paracord Knife | Night Stripe

Discover the ultimate fusion of functionality and style with the ★ Paracord Knife | Night Stripe. This versatile, fixed-blade survival knife is masterfully engineered to excel in a variety of situations, from combat to daily tasks.

Designed for Battle and Utility

With its robust construction, the ★ Paracord Knife | Night Stripe is tough enough to withstand the physical requirements of both weaponry and practical applications. Set traps, hunt animals or cut through dense vegetation with ease and precision.

Multi-Purpose Paracord Handle

To enhance its usefulness, the handle of this remarkable knife is ingeniously wrapped in a multi-purpose paracord. This thoughtful addition provides extra grip and the versatility to utilize the cord in various survival situations.

Night Ops Color Scheme

Not only is the ★ Paracord Knife | Night Stripe incredibly functional, but it also boasts an eye-catching appearance. The blade has been meticulously spray-painted with a tape mask pattern in a sleek, night ops color scheme, lending a stealthy and mysterious allure to the design.

Spray… Pray… Paint… Stab

Whether you need a reliable tool for survival or a stylish weapon for your in-game battles, the ★ Paracord Knife skin | Night Stripe is the ultimate choice. Embrace the flair and practicality of this exceptional skin and elevate your gaming experience, one stealthy stab at a time.

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