SCAR-20 | Outbreak Sniper Rifle Skins

SCAR-20 | Outbreak (Factory New)
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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon SCAR-20
Skin Outbreak
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Lime, Yellow

Introducing the SCAR-20 | Outbreak Skin

Experience the perfect blend of design and functionality with the SCAR-20 skins | Outbreak. This semi-automatic sniper rifle offers players powerful long-range damage and a rapid fire rate while maintaining its unique style. However, keep in mind that these benefits come at the cost of slower movement speed and a heftier price tag.

Inspired by the unstoppable force that is Valeria and her increasing boldness, the SCAR-20 | Outbreak is ready to be wielded by those willing to challenge her. Commanding Officer Felix Riley himself has said that this is the time to bring the fight to her doorstep.

A Colorful SCAR-20 Design

The SCAR-20 | Outbreak features a distinguishing paint job that showcases vibrant shades of green. This striking color scheme embodies the boldness of its users, a perfect match for those committed to facing Valeria and her growing threat. Stand out from the competition with this undeniably eye-catching and unforgettable design.

Power and Precision with the SCAR-20

Let the SCAR-20 | Outbreak be your weapon of choice when it comes to powerful and precise long-range engagements. While the trade-off may be slower movement speed and a higher price tag, the potential damage you can inflict on your opponents make this skin more than worth it. Utilize this formidable sniper rifle and face Valeria head-on with confidence.

Equip the SCAR-20 | Outbreak Today

With a remarkable design that combines power, style, and precision, the SCAR-20 | Outbreak is an essential addition to your skin collection. Equip it today and join the ranks of those who are unafraid to face Valeria and her increasingly bold approach. With the SCAR-20 | Outbreak in your arsenal, you’ll surely make an unforgettable statement on the battlefield.

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