SCAR-20 | Green Marine Sniper Rifle Skins

SCAR-20 | Green Marine (Factory New)
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Minimal Wear $ 0.43
Field-Tested $ 0.22
Well-Worn $ 0.21
Battle-Scarred $ 0.15

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon SCAR-20
Skin Green Marine
Rarity Mil-Spec
Colors Lime, Yellow

Introducing the SCAR-20 | Green Marine Skin

Embrace the power of the SCAR-20 skins semi-automatic sniper rifle with the visually striking Green Marine skin. This skin seamlessly melds a high rate of fire and exceptional long-distance damage with a rugged camouflage pattern and a metallic finish. However, bear in mind that this mighty weapon comes with a hefty price tag and might slow your movement speed down.

Stand Out on the Battlefield

The Green Marine skin for the SCAR-20 will make you a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield. Its unique and memorable design pays tribute to daring missions and valiant soldiers that never back down. Despite Izaki and Cocinero’s absence, the mission remains critical - saving Alex Kincaide. Stand with Felix Riley, the Commanding Officer of the SCAR-20 | Green Marine, as you lead your team to victory.

Unwavering Commitment and Unmatched Style

Show your unwavering commitment to excellence as you equip the SCAR-20 | Green Marine skin and embark on adrenaline-pumping virtual battles. This skin captures the essence of determination and unmatched style, making you a formidable opponent that cannot be ignored. With the Green Marine skin in hand, you’ll be a force that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies as you save the day.

Remember, the mission remains unchanged - we’re here to save Alex Kincaide. With the SCAR-20 | Green Marine skin, you can do so with style and ferocity.

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