SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber Sniper Rifle Skins

SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber (Factory New)
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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon SCAR-20
Skin Carbon Fiber
Rarity Industrial
Colors Black, Gray

SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber Skin Description

Unleash Your Fierceness with the SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber

Introducing the SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber, a semi-automatic sniper rifle that delivers a powerful punch while making you the envy of your teammates. Built for the boldest players, it’s perfect for those willing to sacrifice movement speed for unmatched long-distance damage and an impressive rate of fire. With this sleek and stylish skin, you’ll be the talk of the battlefield.

Unique Design: Carbon Fiber Hydrographic

The SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber takes customization to the next level, featuring a classy carbon fiber hydrographic design laid over a graphite base coat. This high-quality aesthetic complements your in-game prowess and lets everyone know you’re a force to be reckoned with.

A Testament to Teamwork: Rona Sabri’s Quote

Adorned with a quote from the rising star, Rona Sabri herself - “Just because I carried my team doesn’t mean it wasn’t a team effort” - the SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber is a striking reminder that victory is achieved through collaboration. Bring it with you to inspire camaraderie among your teammates and remind everyone that success is a shared achievement.

Elevate Your Game with the SCAR-20 | Carbon Fiber

What are you waiting for? Gear up and enter the battlefield with your SCAR-20 skins | Carbon Fiber from SkinsMonkey. With its remarkable design, powerful capabilities, and the inspiring message of teamwork, this limited edition skin is a must-have for the fiercest Counter-Strike players. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bolster your game like never before!

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