SCAR-20 | Enforcer Sniper Rifle Skins

SCAR-20 | Enforcer (Factory New)
Factory New $ 1.93
Minimal Wear $ 0.85
Field-Tested $ 0.43
Well-Worn $ 0.22
Battle-Scarred $ 0.22

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5.00 Stars Rated by 1 users


Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon SCAR-20
Skin Enforcer
Rarity Restricted
Colors Black

Introducing the SCAR-20 | Enforcer Skin

Discover the perfect skin for your favorite sniper rifle - the SCAR-20 | Enforcer! This incredible skin transforms the classic SCAR-20 skins sniper rifle into an absolute masterpiece with its attractive and intricate design.

A Weapon with a Punch

The SCAR-20 sniper rifle is known for its semi-automatic nature, offering a high rate of fire and remarkable long-distance damage. However, keep in mind that it comes with a sluggish movement speed and a hefty price tag. Experienced players know the value of this rifle and make the investment worthwhile.

Stunning Sunset Gradient Design

The SCAR-20 | Enforcer skin features an exquisite sunset gradient, which has been carefully painted on various parts of the weapon. This artistic representation gives this powerful sniper rifle an enticing look that’s hard to resist. The intricate design reflects the precision and professionalism required to command this incredible weapon.

Automatic Solutions by SYMETRY SMART GUN CORP

The SCAR-20 | Enforcer doesn’t stop at visual appeal. This skin is backed by the advanced technology of SYMETRY SMART GUN CORP. These automatic solutions enhance your gameplay experience while making sure your weapon stands out from the rest.

Don’t miss the chance to own this remarkable SCAR-20 | Enforcer skin for Counter Strike. Elevate your game and let the sunset gradient be your signature as you dominate the battlefield!

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