SCAR-20 | Cardiac Sniper Rifle Skins

SCAR-20 | Cardiac (Factory New)
Factory New $ 14.11
Minimal Wear $ 5.35
Field-Tested $ 3.63
Well-Worn $ 3.30
Battle-Scarred $ 3.30

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon SCAR-20
Skin Cardiac
Rarity Classified
Colors Blue, Red

Introducing the SCAR-20 | Cardiac Skin

The SCAR-20 | Cardiac is a striking skin choice for the powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle known for its high rate of fire and long-distance damage. Embrace the heart-stopping tension during your Counter Strike matches with this highly sought-after skin. Be advised, though, this rifle might cost you more in-game currency and slower movement speed compared to other weapons.

Distinct and Modern Design

Stand out in the battlefield with SCAR-20 | Cardiac’s attention-grabbing orange and blue color scheme. This unique skin is meticulously crafted using pre-printed vinyl that is heat wrapped to the weapon, resulting in a sleek and modern appearance. The eclectic design is not only eye-catching but is also a testament to its rarity and in-game presence.

Make Your Opponents’ Hearts Race with SCAR-20 | Cardiac

Bring the element of surprise with the SCAR-20 | Cardiac skin - the perfect choice for those looking to amp up their in-game style and performance. When your opponents hear those unnerving beeps, they’ll know trouble is near, and success is in your sights with this devastating sniper rifle.

Get your hands on the breathtaking SCAR-20 skins | Cardiac today and elevate your Counter Strike experience, making your matches more thrilling and intense than ever before.

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