AWP | Worm God Sniper Rifle Skins

AWP | Worm God (Factory New)
Factory New $ 3.00
Minimal Wear $ 1.92
Field-Tested $ 1.40
Well-Worn $ 1.38
Battle-Scarred Not Available

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Type Sniper Rifle
Weapon AWP
Skin Worm God
Rarity Restricted
Colors Gray

Introducing the AWP | Worm God Skin

Experience the thrill of high stakes gaming with the exceptional AWP | Worm God skin. Widely known for its one-shot, one-kill policy, the notorious AWP stands out with its distinctive sound and unparalleled power.

Unleash the Power of the Worm God

Crafted with attention to detail, the AWP | Worm God skin boasts a captivating design featuring a skull and roots painted using high-durability enamel paints. A testament to the fact that some roots should never be allowed to take hold, this skin will undoubtedly turn heads as you dominate the game.

Taking AWP Gameplay to the Next Level

Elevate your Counter-Strike experience with the AWP | Worm God skin, a symbol of immense power and skill. Wield this awe-inspiring skin in your next match and unleash the true potential of the infamous one-shot, one-kill AWP skins. Achieve victory and leave your mark in the world of competitive gaming with the stunning AWP | Worm God skin available on

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